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I’m a bridge figure. I have my feet in both worlds. One in Asia, one in the west. So, I’ll be able to tell a story in Asia and turn it into a story for the western/global audience by reusing materials. I know one world and I am finding a way to communicate it to another world, both of which I have deep connections to. I believe, these bridge connections are vital for making our world wider through using the web. I’m trained in Film Making by the BBC in the UK and have over 4 years of experience in Film Making, Photography, Digital, Social Media, Communications and PR. Following my graduation from the BBC degree, I worked as social media manager, editor and cameraman for a web series of one of Asia’s top factual production company, Scubazoo. I currently lead the video division at The Logical Indian, India’s biggest alternate media platform, and freelance with various clients. I’m a self-shooting producer/director/researcher. I come up with concepts, does research, plan, direct, shoot and edit a video, all by myself or usually, with one or two assistants depending on the project. With my experience of handling the digital presence of various organisations (social media, Facebook, blog, etc.,), right from creating content (photos, videos, text, graphic design) to delivery, distribution, marketing, and analysing, I’ve done it all.
Recent Work

Indian biker covering length and breadth of the subcontinent

#MyStoryKnow about one heck of a full-time biker who has covered the length and breadth of India and is about to be officially in Guinness World Records for the longest distance covered in a single country on a motorbike.

Opslået af The Logical Indian på 23. december 2016

Women Wrestlers Fighting For Olympic Glory

Via ➜ It Matters #In2minutes Know about these Indian women wrestlers who fought against conservatism and immense resistance to pursue their passion. Now, few inches from the Olympic glory, we wish them the very best at Rio 2016 Olympics.

Opslået af The Logical Indian på 16. august 2016


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Careers in Wildlife Film-making

How I got into wildlife film-making I had been involved with wildlife conservation, social projects from my childhood. BBC Natural History Unit, the oldest and the top wildlife film-making house had announced a degree in Wildlife Film Making for the first time ever. I had applied for it with my portfolio of animal…

National Geographic Article on a Wild Bear Rescue

by Vinay Datla, Nikki Sharp and Jordan Carlton Schaul A call about a wild bear in Shikohabad, which is 75 kilometers from the Agra bear rescue facility was received by Dr. Ilyaraja at 9:00 am this morning.  His rescue team was deployed to a Jamali pur village. It took 2 hours for the…

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